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Wie Gold beschaffen  DEUTSCH 
We always have the choice
 How to get Gold      ENGLISH             
Wir haben die Wahl
Every US household in the USA has debts of nearly 550,000 US dollars, 
            only through the state debt mountain piled up last year.

This sounds quite disturbing... nonetheless, for them who are prepared, it probably represents the BIGGEST opportunity in our lifetime.
"There is no way to solve the present financial situation"  
          Quote of Alan Greenspan, known as a former FED chairmen.
The U.S. Dollar and the Euro of the European are on the verge of collapse. The global down trend is not to stop and will outperform every collapse in History. And Gold will start to explode dispite the attempts to keep it down. Currently  people are entraped to sell Gold and the seducer go immediately to buy it. The run will start when in the London Exchange Commodity will have to deliver their sold Futures contracts.
The biggest Hyperinflation in Hiystory                                    In correlation the increasing of Gold                      devalue of  German Mark   
Only by following the rules
Be prepared to have Gold when the Hyperinflation starts, and rest assured it will start.
    Do not ignore these facts, my Grandfather did it in 1923, it was a horrible mistake.